The Honorable Paul Tay is on his Way to Save the Day!

Introducing Paul Tay. A vote for Tay is a vote for Tay. He has run multiple times for multiple offices, often as an Independent, at least once as a Democrat. Ya’ll can thank Matt Miller for suggesting the topic.

Some of us love to root for the underdog. We cheer Rocky as he almost wins, or when he does win. We feel the thrill as Inigo Montoya chases Count Rogan through the castle. Our hearts warm to watch Samwise Gamgee pick up Frodo and say, “I may not be able to carry your burden Mr. Frodo, but I can carry you.” Or whatever it is that he says. Inigo’s line is easier to remember. “Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

You can say whatever else you want about Paul Tay; the guy does not give up! I knew nothing about him till my friend requested this post, so as usual I will cite the three websites, I’m getting my information from, and run a few quotes and commentary.

I would also leave his Facebook page, but my work computer won’t let me on it. Let’s just say…if you want some more insight into the mind of this indefatigable politician, look up his FB page and feast your eyes! But I warn ya, it is not for the faint of heart.

An image of Paul Tay from the Tulsa World, looking pretty professional if I may say so. His fellow mayoral candidates at the time were not impressed. gives a recent political resume for the candidate in question in bullet points. I’ll share the salient ones. His political career began in 2002 when he ran for mayor of Tulsa as an Independent. He received 1.3% of the votes, which, to be fair, is likely more than a Tired Blogger would get. A handful of campaigns ensued over the next dozen years or so for Tulsa City Council (his best performance to date, he received 9% of the vote in that election), and twice again for mayor of Tulsa.

“In 2014, he was the defendant in a protective order case after a woman lodged stalking and harassment allegations against him. On November 4, 2014, he lost to G.T. Bynum in the general election to the Tulsa City Council to represent District 9 in Oklahoma.”

“He was arrested after allegedly going to the Tulsa’s Route 66 Marathon on November 22, 2015 and stealing 20 boxes half full of Mylar blankets with 2,000 blankets in each and 15 bags of clothing meant for homeless people.”

“In 2016, he worked as a handyman and caretaker. On June 16, 2021, he described himself as a politician meant to entertain the electorate like Donald Trump during a press conference in front of the Tulsa City Hall but also said in Spanish that Trump and Trump’s supporters are donkeys and the sons and daughters of the devil. On June 28, 2016, he lost to Bynum in the primary election for mayor of Tulsa.”

After all of these embarrassments, most people (including your Tired Blogger) would give up and just choose a more anonymous career. But not this guy! The honorable Mr. Tay is nothing if not persistent.

Paul Tay stands up to “the man” for the little people as P. T. Barnum and Harry Potter look on. I may not have my information correct there…where are my overpaid assistants?

“On August 28, 2018, he lost to Ben Kimbro in the general election to the Tulsa City Council to represent District 9 in Oklahoma.”

At this point, the losses do seem to have been getting to him. “He was arrested for threatening a Tulsa city council in April 2019 and for soliciting prostitution in July 2019.”

“In January 2020, a jury found him guilty for outraging public decency. On August 25, 2020, he lost to Bynum in the general election for mayor of Tulsa.”

Wait! What is that all about? Outraging public decency?,defecate%20in%20public%2C%20so%20that%20part%20is%20mute.

According to David Van Risseghem of, Paul Tay decided to protest (I guess, you read it and tell me what you think he was doing) by showing up at 34th and Sheridan during busy traffic, sporting head ware that distinctly portrayed male genitals, and wearing a…oh hell with it, I’ll just quote the article: “Assistant Tulsa County DA Tara Britt says Tay was at 34th and Sheridan on July 3rd in front of lots of traffic with a plastic penis on his helmet, holding a sign that said, quote, “Suck my dick for $1” and he was gesturing at drivers.”

He was swiftly convicted in a trial by his peers (Oklahoma dude, ya gotta go to California or New York if you wanna get away with pulling a stunt like that), but Risseghem state that, since Tay kept his clothes on and neither urinated nor defecated in public, the conviction would be not only easy to appeal, but in his mind, Tay would be doing us all a favor if he did.

” If you read the Walker Ruling of 1977, it’s clear that the appellate courts have a real problem with how the legislature wrote this statute.”

“Section 22 might be labeled the ‘catch-all’ for any rude/crude behavior that the lawmakers didn’t want stipulated in the legal code. But by whose standards should we establish an infraction? that’s where this law can end up costing the state a lot of appellate resources.
 Do we really want justice established by who can rent a mob of people who can feign hysterics just to have someone convicted? Last I studied the matter, this is how the Salem courts convicted and executed supposed witches? “

Here we see Paul Tay, in his own demented way, standing up for the rights of the little guy. Good lord, please tell me who the real villain is here?

I can’t help it, I’m gonna end this one with a cliff hanger. What was the end of this Quixotic quest of an independent candidate to change Tulsa? And is this man a misunderstood hero, a crazy lunatic who should be locked away for the safety of rush hour traffic drivers who surely don’t deserve to see well-formed male genitals being paraded atop the dashing head gear of one of our own well-meaning denizens?

Read on Friday for the exciting continuation (possibly conclusion) of the Saga of Paul Tay, Tulsa patriot. (Good Chthullhu Matt, what have you gotten me into)?

Why do I get the impression Bynum is ordering a drone strike during this tirade? Comments welcome. Oh…and for those who notice I didn’t post a photo of this dude with a penis on his forehead…your welcome!

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