Gaslighting Voters, Oklahoma Republicans Are Being Lied To

What is a hero? Is this man a hero? Would we know if he was?

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu provides us five factors that establish victory. The first factor is the comparative morality of the two sovereigns. I’m going to make an effort to finish this series. As always, the previous posts will be linked here.

Are these people heroes? Or villains? Or just people who got caught up in the maelstrom that is politics?

This will by my eleventh post on this subject, though some of the posts were rather indirect. I intend for this one to be the last in this series, at least for now. If I can’t prove anything, hopefully I will at least have informed and elevated people’s thinking. If I can…well, honestly, it will only matter to the 18 people who are steady readers. But I would like to thank those readers. I’d also like to thank my Momma and Elvis.

I will post here the links of the articles I’m going to be citing most.,outrage%20over%20his%20%246%2C500%20evacuation%20flights%20from%20Kabul.

And just for good measure, a site with multiple podcasts where Erik Prince is either the guest or the topic. I haven’t listened to any of them yet, but I thought I’d share with the community. Listen in good health.

My over paid assistant Cassie says that Lenny Bruce is not afraid. But it is ruff that this is the end of the world as we know it. Oh well. I feel fine.

One Big Happy Family

Party unity is arguably beneficial. When I was younger, I would get fairly upset about how the “RINO’s” would side with the Democrat’s. Don’t get me wrong, I know there has to be compromises for anything to get accomplished, but all too often I felt betrayed. Senator so and so voted for the tax bill I thought detrimental to the poor, Congress Person Such and Such would vote for something I thought would hurt the military. Many of my views have altered since those days. Ironically, NOW is when the Republicans have finally rallied around the flag. But is that a good thing, like I want it to be? Or is the flag just wrapping up a bunch of crap?

Jacob Crosse of the World Socialist Web Site reports: “Viktor Orban, leader of the far-right Fidesz party and prime minister of Hungary since 2010, was given a standing ovation by pro-Trump Republicans after delivering a fascist and anti-Semitic speech Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas.”

Likely I have lost even some of my more open-minded readers.

I wonder where he plans to acquire a fit servant. In the comic, the Demon God Dgrth steals a man’s soul while he is still alive, making Stalker, an empty, emotionless human engine of destruction. Is it possible in real life, he has stolen the souls of whole states? Whole nations?

Yes, I know, this story is reported in maybe a dozen mainstream Western news outlets. Why in the world is the Kapitalist Curtis Selby quoting from the lying cocialistka?

“Orban was the featured speaker on the conference’s opening day. Less than three weeks earlier, on July 23, he gave a neo-Nazi speech at the 31st Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp in Baile Tusnad, Romania.

“In that earlier rant, Orban likened “migration” to “population replacement or inundation” and recommended the notorious white supremacist book The Camp of the Saints.

“He then launched into an attack on “race-mixing,” saying countries where “European and non-European peoples live … are no longer nations: they are nothing more than a conglomeration of peoples.”

That “neo-Nazi speech” is posted here: http://31st Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp in Baile Tusnad, Romania.

Read it for yourself and make up your own mind.

This is the novel Orban recommended. I have not read it, evidently it is a dystopia in which the West is overrun with waves of anarchist 3rd world immigrants, and they outbreed, outvote, and outfight the Western white races and destroy us in an orgy of destruction. Please leave comments if you have read it.

“In an obscene allusion to the Nazi Holocaust, Orban said of German government calls for reduced gas consumption, “I do not see how it will be enforced, although, as I understand it, the past shows us German know-how on that.”

“Orban’s speech prompted the resignation of 20-year adviser, Zsuzs Hegedus, who said the speech was a “pure Nazi text.”

“Trump invited Orban to his New Jersey golf resort last weekend and ostentatiously posed for photographs, saying it was “great spending time with my friend.”

“High-ranking state officials speaking at the conference include Texas Governor Greg Abbott, along with his Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.” You read that right. Our near and dear Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

Here we have Erik Prince, also at the CPAC, being serenaded by Young Republican Hanze Whitendorfer. Young Republican’s name was provided by my overpaid assistant Cassie, who told me finding that name was ruff!

While I am not inspired by the article to join the socialist party, I think some of their last paragraphs are interesting:

“The Democratic Party will not defend democratic rights. It is more terrified of the growing upsurge of the working class than the threat of fascism. The January 6 Committee is being used to promote right-wing war hawks such as Liz Cheney and promote the illusion that the coup was the work of just Trump and a few “crazies.”

“This is a lie. The attempted coup and the ongoing moves toward dictatorship arise from the mortal crisis of American and world capitalism. Both parties are controlled by the same corporate-financial oligarchy that is seeking to impose its crisis on the backs of the working class.

“The only social force capable of defending democratic rights and defeating fascism is the working class, united on a socialist program and perspective against the source of inequality, war and dictatorship, the capitalist system.”

How long has this really been going on? Have the tactics changed, or just evolved? Will we ever have justice? Did we ever have it? The article from over a hundred years ago asks, “What is Americanism”? Were we great then? Is this the greatness we aspire towards? Read this and consider. Comments welcome.

Where you been at? Hanging out with the Prince of Afghanistan!

On one hand, I don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon and tell you that “all Republicans are racist”! Honestly, I’m not saying anyone is racist, I’m simply reporting who was where and what was said. Where someone is, and at what time, can make a difference. And while, if we are clever, we can cover some of our digital trail, but there are still paper trails, and people trails, that tell us where people were at.

Ok Curtis, you are being cryptic, and after all the words I’ve read, will you just get to the point? I have one more thing to share, and then after that it will be easy to make the point clear. I may not have smoking guns, but I have established motive (there are unscrupulous people who want power). Now I’m going to establish these people have the opportunity and may even have been at the scene of the crime.

We know Erik Prince, the primary person I’ve covered in this series, as at that CPAC. Where has he been since we left him? Let’s rewind just a very little bit, to 2008.

If you remember, the Al-Nisour massacre had tarnished Erik Prince’s reputation in the eyes of many. Evidently, he changed his focus to Afghanistan. Attempting to shift focus off the disaster that was the American exit from Afghanistan, Biden’s press secretary trashed Prince for profiteering off of American allies scrambling to leave in the wake of a revived Taliban newly armed with flush new American weapons.

“White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki described Prince, 52, as having no “heart and soul” and accused him of profiting off “people’s agony and pain.” In response, the former US Navy SEAL reminded Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that his team had once saved Delaware Democrat’s life.” She was denouncing him for “$6,500 evacuation flights from Kabul” that he charged these allies for exiting ahead of the chaos.

Prince response is telling. Kunal Dey of reports “

Biden was brought to safety alongside then senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel in the February 2008 rescue mission. Kerry went on to become President Obama’s secretary of state, while Biden became vice president and Hagel was chosen as the defense secretary.

“They were on a congressional visit to Afghanistan in the winter and the US Army helicopter got lost in a snowstorm and sat down in Taliban territory on the side of a mountain,” Prince recounted to [Tucker] Carlson. “US military launched a ground convoy to get them and they got lost. And the Blackwater guys launched and we did not get lost and we rescued them from Taliban territory. That was the winter of ’08.”

LAHORE, PAKISTAN – FEBRUARY 18: U.S. Senator John Kerry (2nd-R) speaks through a translator to election observers at a polling station February 18, 2008 in Lahore, Pakistan. A congressional delegation of senators John Kerry, Chuck Hagel (C), and Joseph Biden (L), came to observe the election in Lahore and meet with opposition leader Nawaz Sharif and ruling party candidate Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. The American lawmakers also spoke with human rights activists critical of the voting process. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

“According to Fox News, the former US Navy SEAL officer spent years overseeing special operations and even pitched plans to end the war in Afghanistan to two presidents, but was reportedly ignored. Prince questioned the actual strength of the US military as the Taliban swiftly took control of Kabul post-withdrawal. “When it reveals that it’s defeated by people using 70-year-old weapons that are living in a mindset of the sixth century, maybe the US military is not quite as capable as they espouse themselves to be,” he said.”

We know his company was very active in Afghanistan, from 2008 till, frankly, the very end when we withdrew. The picture he paints is of a super competent Blackwater (or whatever he calls it), and a military hampered by incompetent politicians. I’m not here to debate that, feel free to make up your own mind about that. But what else was going on in 2008 Afghanistan? And how could it possibly be important to Oklahoma?

This veteran looks pretty competent. I wonder if he knows anything about what I’m writing about?

Ya’ll remember Bennett. The guy I started blogging about when an insider told me some stuff, and pointed out where to turn for some of the information? He was in Afghanistan in 2008. Just a coincidence? Maybe.

But Politico talks about how it has been a part of the strategy to elect party chairs of a less traditional bent. Instead, the current Republican Party State Chairs are not just sideline bench warmers.

Taking the Fight to the Enemy

You can read the article about the nationwide movement of State Party Chairs fighting for Trump. But my purpose has nothing to do with other states. I’m focusing on Oklahoma. “In Oklahoma, the newly installed party chair is endorsing a primary challenge to GOP Sen. James Lankford, the home state incumbent who crossed Trump by voting to uphold results of the November election.”

The Politico assesses the various Chair Folks thus: “Open warring by state party chairs against elected officials was once rare, and disagreements were typically kept discreet in the interest of party unity. Top party leaders were tasked with party-building efforts and fundraising, and were accustomed to showing deference to home state senators and governors, or working assiduously to advance their political interests.”

“That dynamic has served to elevate the importance of party chairs as political actors — in some cases rivaling those who are actually on the ballot. The chairs have significant latitude in their states — from candidate recruitment, to deciding which candidates to invite to plum speaking engagements, to how to allocate money for voter registration and other programs. Several state Republican parties canceled their presidential nominating contests entirely in 2020, insulating Trump from long-shot challengers.”

“Party chairs, that’s one of their main jobs to recruit candidates, so oftentimes party chairs will recruit them in their image or ideological worldview,” Thomas said, “So I think it’s safe to say, like in Oklahoma, they’re not going to be recruiting candidates that look like [Utah Sen.] Mitt Romney.”

“In addition, he said, “Party chairs can decide where to invest in things like voter registration and all that. So, if they have a particular incumbent they don’t like that doesn’t line up with the Trump world view, they can penalize incumbents and potential challengers as well.”

“But public criticism of Trump is almost unheard of at any level within the ranks of state party leadership — and largely isn’t tolerated within a party operation Trump has spent more than four years molding. The attention the chair of the Oklahoma GOP, John Bennett, is now getting for supporting a primary challenge to U.S. Sen. James Lankford is only the most recent example.”

An Afghan National Army soldier walks near historic ruins within “The Castle” believed to be built by Alexander the Great more than 2,000 years ago in Qalat City, Afghanistan. Since Alexander the Great’s time nearly every military force has used it including the British, the Russians, the Taliban, and now American and Afghan National Army members. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez/released)

The Punchline

Ok, so Trump has been smart enough to replace many of the state Republican Chairs with loyalists (I notice the article is rather scant on just HOW he was able to accomplish this…comments welcome). Bennett was in Afghanistan the same time Erik Prince was running black ops that, in the end, may not have obtained victory, but did save some lives (at the cost, in most cases, of $6500 per flight).

So, what is it my inside source revealed? Let’s start with this meeting:

At this meeting, my source conveyed to me that there was a special surprise guest speaker. It was none other than Erik Prince. They conveyed that they witnessed Erik and Bennett talking together quite a lot, and acting as though they knew each other quite well. They tell me that there used to be quite a few photos from quite a few of these folks’ social media, but in the months since the election, everything has been deleted except for this advertisement. Don’t be surprised by this, Bennett is only slightly more professional than I am in his posting of social media, and much quicker on the delete button, as I demonstrated in a previous post. Allow me to remind you.

This one was posted and then removed. I wasn’t able to get to the others in time, but there were posts on Facebook and TikTok showing Prince and Bennett together.

And let me remind you that on my posts we have photos of Bennett with both General Flynn and Roger Stone. Both endorse him. Both have gone on the Evangelist circuit, and Bennett himself is a pastor. Both Flynn and Prince have been on the boards of communication companies. Bennett has stated on Facebook that he has communications resources, the ability to train recruits, and the ability to build a network. Here is where he shared this.

I suggest listening to the whole thing, but if you can’t take the time, skip ahead to 55 minutes. And Erik Prince has been into recruiting and training mercenaries for twenty plus years. If you don’t believe me, check into these books.

The premise of the books is that there is a Civil War that makes Trump the President of the seceded states.

They are fictional, but when you combine the ideology with the things I have written, surely you can figure it out for yourself. Whether at the direction of Trump, Prince, Flynn, or hell, maybe even Roger Stone as well, there are efforts to build an army. The poor, the angry, the upset in Oklahoma are being recruited for a Civil War. If they can’t win by the peaceful means, they intend to win via a military conquest. Read the whole thing. Every piece. Think of the nuances. Maybe Trump is not the mastermind (I honestly kinda doubt it), but someone is planning either the full overthrow of the government, or at the least, to split the Nation in two and rule the half that will obey.

Are these posts proof? Perhaps not. Without the photos posted to Facebook, perhaps there isn’t. But I have a witness. So, believe me or not. But there are people who intend to lead you in a Civil War. And maybe some of them do have your best interests at heart. But most don’t.

Read it. Listen to the things said. And make up your own mind.

Is a Civil War imminent? Would it lead to liberty, or just chaos? Comments wanted.


  1. Yes they are. All voters are. Both parties are culpable of and regularly commit perjury, fraud, deception on a scale that has sadly always been apart of politics but due to the size and scope is now larger than ever before

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    1. Curtiswselby says:

      Thanks for reading, and for the comment. How are you doing? Are you still blogging? I haven’t gotten a notification in a while.


      1. I will be. It’s been a wild 3 weeks or so – dealing with some “issues” with a relatives education

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