Festivus Miracles Happen

A handful of kind folks have viewed this site, and some have “liked,” followed, or commented. I certainly appreciate that.

I honestly haven’t enjoyed Christmas in an agonizingly long time. And honestly was never much of a fan of Seinfeld.

But the idea of there being some holiday, some reason for the rest of us to celebrate, has always appealed to me. When I saw the episode (one of the few Seinfeld episodes I ever both watched and enjoyed) something about the joke rang true to me.

And now I guess it has become kind of a thing. The whole airing of grievances should be part of some festival. So…in the spirit of Festivus…

Why did I have to be the child of an alcoholic? Why did my crushed self esteem attract a woman with borderline personality disorder? Why didn’t I perceive her issues before I left her? Why does society make it so hard for a divorced father to have a part in his son’s life? Why has it taken me fifty years to find love?

Ok….I’m at work, so I have to get back to it. Maybe some night I’ll actually post one of these blogs at midnight.

But I am very grateful for Pooja G for liking a post. If I weren’t at work I’d look you up and like your posts back. I’ll hopefully remember to do that when I get home.

Your mad blogger what blogs at work (and/or midnight): CS


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