Kim Potter’s Merry Christmas

One of the most iconic scenes in film history: George Bailey is running madly down the streets of Bedford Falls. He crunches the manufactured snow in the ninety degree heat of the filming season. He shouts a crazed “Merry Christmas!” to all and sundry. And the town denizens, long since used to George Bailey’s madcap ways, joyfully respond in kind. Thank God there is someone that stands like a stone wall as a beacon of hope and and bastion of kindness against the economic and political machinations of the evil Harry Potter. (Wait….what was the guys name?…..oh never mind…..). Why, I would still have to be living in Potter’s Fields (bringing to mind where Judas was buried, and for those of us born in the 70’s, Elvis Presley’s poignant “In the Ghetto”…..”In the Ghetto…….as his Momma cries….”) were it not for that crazy scamp George Bailey. (Fun fact…..a bailey is an outer wall of a castle). And Mr. Potter responds spitefully (yet joyfully also) “And a happy New Year! In Jail” How Ironic this holiday season we are likely putting Kim Potter in jail.

Yesterday, Harry Potters long lost great granddaughter (you might want to fact check that) was convicted of manslaughter because she pulled a gun instead of a taser and a suspect ended up dead. While I’ve been irreverent here, I have to acknowledge that the loss of a human life is a serious thing. Really nothing to laugh about there.

In real life, as in fiction, we have to have someone to blame. And when there isn’t someone to blame, we have to put our sins on the scapegoat and have them leave the camp. A person has died wrongfully, so we have to destroy someone. An eye for an eye.

And to be somewhat fair, she did do wrong. She made a terrible, horrible mistake. Frankly, if you examine it she basically made the same mistake Alec Baldwin did. Not being careful enough with a gun.

Do I have the answer? No. I’m simply the humble tired midnight blogger what blogs at Midnight. But I wonder if that same jury were trying Alec Baldwin, would they come to the same conclusion. Should she have been convicted? Should her life (let’s not even consider her career…..I think that one goes without saying) be over because of this mistake? Should Alec Baldwins?

Should we be merciful? Or is justice served in this? Am I not merciful?

Please leave comments letting me know what you think.


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