All The News You Can Lose

They’re what’s for dinner.

Ok….so there are two things I’m totally sick to death of seeing on the news.

Donald Trump and Covid.

I think today was the breaking point for me about Covid. New CDC guidelines come out announcing that those who test positive only need to be corralled….I mean quarantined for five more days after the first negative test.

At first I was fine. I mean, five days after having a clean bill of health sounds reasonable to me. Then the bubble headed bleach blonde talking head (or maybe it was the CDC talking head….they were both pretty well coifed) said something about how “of coarse, nobody should ever be forced to work while they are sick.”

I spoke out loud, more to the tv actually than to my life partner who happened to be there at the time. “This is the reason why I don’t watch the news anymore. These news pundits have no connection to reality. How many times have I had no real choice but to go in and take care of my job while I was sick? Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that we are often forced to work when we are sick.”

The intent with this post is not to whine. The point isn’t that I’m tired of a topic being ground into the dirt for several years.

The point is that the news has largely stopped being relevant. Even the weather serves little purpose, if you have an iphone you can just look it up and be done.

Recently I watched a news segment on CNN about how the news on CNN is accurate. I heard a figure reported, but I didn’t remember it. I polled myself about the accuracy of my blog posts, and learned that 100 percent of the people polled found my blog posts to be totally accurate.

According to the website Pew Research Center surveys say that people actually feel that the news has gotten less and less accurate over the last two decades. Perhaps the media should be checking their own poll numbers when they report on the popularity of any particular politician. The link is here,were%20accurate%20while%2034%25%20said%20they%20were%20inaccurate.

Several clicks later (in which I learned…the same thing as reported above…..and that Fox News has an accuracy rating of 10 percent with the folks polled by the competition….I’m sure that study was reliable, and that China is doing shady stuff again….) I finally learned something that at least seemed like a legitimate study.

I’m posting this 1) to give readers some real figures to look at, and 2) I want to point out something in this study.

On page six of this study we are informed that:

As expressed by Branston and Stafford (2007) two points are often made about news within media studies:

  1. it is not transparent, it is not unbiased, not the ‘window on the world’ it often sets itself up to be.
  2. Its constructed vision of events usually serve dominant interests.

This being the case, other than simply polling people about how they feel about the media, is it even possible to do a scientific study on the accuracy of the media at large?

So the reader is likely wondering, “what is your point tired blogger what blogs at midnight?” My point is, who is fact checking the media? Facelessbook fact checks our random posts about flowers and Peanuts characters, but who is making sure that CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and all the so called “alternatives” are actually reporting facts?

And while everyone notices the bias of News Media that have the opposing ideology (Oh no tired blogger… side only reports the FACTS. It’s the opposition that throws all the editorial commentary and opinions and disingenuous editing at us), so many of us are either blind to the ideologues on our own side, or are eager to justify it with some kind of pointless “yeah but.”

I don’t know if this was very coherent or not. But in the end, 1) I don’t need the news to tell me if I’m sick or not. 2) I don’t need the news to tell me if I need to stay away from work or not. I need the fricken news to tell me what is going on, especially with our government and megacorps that attempt to run our lives.

Is that too much to ask?


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