Happy New Years Ya’ll

I’m awake, it’s 39 minutes to the New Year. I’m watching UHF as my last movie. I’m reading Encounters With Merton as the years last book, possibly next years first book. I feel compelled to share some of the words of Merton. The following paragraph is quoted from his “Letters to a White Liberal”:

Now, my liberal friend, here is your situation. You, the well-meaning liberal, are right in the middle of all this confusion. You are, in fact, a political catalyst. On the other hand, with your good will and your ideals, your fine hopes and your generous, but vague, love of mankind in the abstract and of rights enthroned on a juridical Olympus, you offer a certain encouragement to the Negro (and you do right, my only complaint being that you are not yet right enough) so that, abetted by you, he is emboldened to demand concessions. Though he knows you will not support all his demands, he is well aware that you will be forced to support some of them in order to maintain your image of yourself as a liberal. (Side note, the emphasis is mine). He also knows, however, that your material comforts, your security, and your congenial relations with the establishment are more important to you than your rather volatile idealism, and that when the game gets rough you will be quick to see your own interests menaced by his demands. And you will sell him down the river for the five hundredth time in order to protect yourself. For this reason, as well as to support your own self-esteem, you are very anxious to have a position of leadership and control in the Negro’s fight for rights, in order to be able to apply the brakes when you feel it is necessary.

Encounters With Merton by Henri J. M. Nouwen, pgs 96-97.

Just….ya know….random musings at the years end.

Happy New Year to all.


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