Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson: Menaces to Society Or Just Bad Rappers….You Be the Judge!

Jedi mind tricks do not work on me…..only money!

One of the positive habits I’ve picked up is listening to a positive or some form of motivational video every morning. I woke up late today, but I took the dog for a walk, and showered and listened to a random video the internet kicked up for me. It was a video by Jordan Peterson about creativity. I rush to get dressed, and CNN is on. And they are blasting Joe Rogan for the things he and Jordan Peterson said on a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The statements by these two men were “dangerous” and “racist.” According to CNN.

Now, I’ve listened to a fair amount of videos from those two, and there are all kinds of things they may be guilty of, but this seemed quite extreme to me. Joe Rogan might be dangerous in the Octagon, but I don’t think he is a threat to anyone who doesn’t threaten him outside the ring. And Jordan Peterson has been dangerously ill for a couple of years, so this appellation seemed extreme.

As for racist, again, I’d never thought of them as racist, though sometimes people surprise you. So while I don’t intend to belabor the point too excessively, I thought I’d try to do some of my own research and see what’s up.

For perspective, I’ve already done these two posts about JRE, I’ll try not to repeat myself too much:

I’ve received little feedback from anyone on either post. One person says they are certain they heard him on a spot that CNN played telling people not to get the vaccine. Another couple of friends on the other side of the aisle have told me that the controversial horse vaccine is actually the good stuff Joe Rogan says it is.

Ivermectin: Is what’s good for the horse good for the Grandpa?

A quick google search….um….I mean thousands of man hours with my crack team of Nobel Prize winning researchers, gives me two websites that give me a bit of information on Ivermectin. Some of it agrees, and some of it disagrees with the information in the other site.

Hopefully this is fair. I’ll start with the information from the mainstream. From the first site provided by the FDA since Covid erupted, we learn: “The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans or animals. Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.” Also “Even the levels of ivermectin for approved human uses can interact with other medications, like blood-thinners. You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death.” And last of all “For one thing, animal drugs are often highly concentrated because they are used for large animals like horses and cows, which weigh a lot more than we do— up to a ton or more. Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans. Moreover, the FDA reviews drugs not just for safety and effectiveness of the active ingredients, but also for the inactive ingredients. Many inactive ingredients found in products for animals aren’t evaluated for use in people. Or they are included in much greater quantity than those used in people. In some cases, we don’t know how those inactive ingredients will affect how ivermectin is absorbed in the human body.” So in summery, the FDA has only approved it for human use against parasites, head lice, and skin conditions, it can cause some pretty severe reactions, and the stuff used on animals is highly concentrated because cattle outweigh humans by nearly a literal ton.

But then the National institute of health had this to say: “Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin—originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil—has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals. It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug.”

So…..the National Institute of Health at least used to believe this stuff was amazing. In the same website they call it a wonder drug: “There are few drugs that can seriously lay claim to the title of ‘Wonder drug’, penicillin and aspirin being two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of Mankind. But ivermectin can also be considered alongside those worthy contenders, based on its versatility, safety and the beneficial impact that it has had, and continues to have, worldwide—especially on hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people. Several extensive reports, including reviews authored by us, have been published detailing the events behind the discovery, development and commercialization of the avermectins and ivermectin (22,23-dihydroavermectin B), as well as the donation of ivermectin and its use in combating Onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis.”

We are the Knights who say “Nih!” And if you don’t like Ivermectin you must get us……a shrubbery!!!!!

So the most damning charge against Joe Rogan, that he is giving dangerous medical advice…, I’m not a doctor, but if he read the same article, or something like it, I think he can be forgiven for thinking it might help. Something our own National Institute of Health once called a “wonder drug”…..let’s just say, if the science was bad then, can you forgive us for doubting the science now?

“An attitude of openness and kindness….of nonjudgment….of prioritizing science, and recognizing that science is not free of biases.” What kind of hooey are you spouting Russell Brand?
1) These weren’t all doctors…indeed not even half of them were….so why are we listening? 2) When was his statements proven to be “disinformation?” Are we so sure there is never “disninformation” on CNN? 3) Always follow the money trail. I think it’s funny that Fizer is such a big sponsor of CNN….nothing to see here citizen, carry on…..

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