Amplify Black Voices, or, We Are So Sorry We Tried to Silence You Back Then…..

The town of Lauderhill Florida celebrated Black History Month in 2002, inviting James Earl Jones to speak. Whoever printed the banner made a terrible mistake. Read on if you wish to know more…..

Intrepid, intelligent readers will know that in my last post, I started digging into the mystery of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, and finding things in the story of the convicted suspect that made no sense. I didn’t find proof exonerating him, but there were gaps in the story that made me think somebody is crazy (to be fair, it really could be the suspect).

Our ambitious villain, as you can read in the last post, gets on the George Wallace volunteer roster, get’s plastic surgery to disguise himself, and then plans on assassinating King and running away to Rhodesia, Africa. On the surface this sound crazy (ok….it’s bat crap crazy from start to finish, but hear me out anyway) but doing some research I learn that Rhodesia was a white ruled British colony in Africa that had a white revolution because the Caucasoids feared the blacks would basically overturn their rule, since the blacks were the majority. Oversimplifying here but think South Africa and Apartheid and you have a good idea. So maybe Ray Ray had a capital idear after all, what what?

Yeah, this absolutely looks like the place for J. E. R.

While that part of the story is making more sense to me, I still don’t understand how a two bit con who couldn’t even make it as a porn king in Mexico. So I did a little digging into that. How was the car, the gun, the facial reconstructive surgery, bus fair to Canada, air ticket to England to Portugal and then back to England, and escaped justice from the April 4 killing till June 8 when he was arrested in Heathrow Airport?

According to an article from the Washington Post, J. E. R. actually was a very successful criminal, and had used his entrepreneurial spirit to drum up all that cash. They state in an article on the subject that he had “earned” $4600 dollars selling drugs and various contraband in prison, and when he escaped that money was augmented by $2400 his sister gave him, leaving him seven thousand. The Washington Post estimates that would have been enough to do all of what he did.

J. E. R. is truly what capitalism is all about……

Somehow this fails to placate my suspicion. Why is the King family so convinced that J. E. R. was innocent? While the King’s are good people, they still desire justice, the whole point of what Martin Luther King lived for was to acquire justice of the oppressed (frankly, he struggled against oppression of any kind on any race. His last march was going to be for the trash collectors union, which would have had a fair number of whites). So they wouldn’t just give him a pass without some evidence.

I’m going to post an article of the Washington Post here, you can read several of the pros and cons.

Initially I had become convinced that there must be more to the story. Looking up the cost of the plastic surgery he got to disguise his face, I believed there was no possible way he could do all the things the FBI say he did without help. Digging further into the story though, I realized that facial reconstruction was less expensive than I had thought, and the items listed were within a $7000 capacity at the time. Though, frankly, just barely. It is still hard for me to believe that a two bit hood would have the discipline to keep his mission under budget. But it is not impossible.

He was never tried for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. He took a plea bargain to escape the death penalty, and thus never faced a jury for this atrocity. When the King’s took Loyd Jowers to court (Loyd Jowers being the owner of the establishment Ray was renting at the time of the assassination), a jury found Mr. Jowers responsible. He could not be found guilty, as it was a civil and not a criminal trial. Mr. Jowers had made the claim on ABC News show Prime Time Live that he had been paid $100,000 by alleged Memphis mobster Frank Liberto.

Is this definitive proof? No, likely there are still tons of facts I don’t know. The government (who I trust implicitly….hey NSA agent monitoring this blog! How is your Aunt Gertrude enjoying my posts! Ya got enough to go after me yet?) continues to insist that there was no government involvement. But then, I insist that I meant to scan every item in the self check out lane. The fact that five items aren’t on my receipt is just conspiracy theory.

Oh yeah! The teaser at the beginning of the post. Likely all of you already know where this is heading, but somebody really dropped the ball with the James Earl Jones speaking engagement in 2002….

Oops! Hey…why are ya’ll picking up rotten tomatoes……
“I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.”

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