Ukraine: This is What it Sounds Like When the Doves Cry

A dove released in 2014 by the Pope in a prayer for peace is attacked by a crow…..I don’t mean to sound weird but….was this prophetic?

It was 2014, and Russia had attacked Ukraine. The Pope was praying for peace, praying that the hostilities would stop. As a symbol, (and who knows, maybe for fun too, it can be fun to interact with children on occasion), he and a little boy and little girl released some doves to represent peace. The doves were attacked by a seagull and a large dark crow. Eight years later, we are praying again for Ukraine, and I am left wondering if the Powers That Be were trying to tell us something back then.

A crow often represents death, and “worldly” instead of “spiritual” things. Seagulls on the other hand represent freedom, open mindedness, and “spirituality.” They are considered by most sailors to be good luck. So what would it mean if both the worldly and the spiritual symbols attack the symbol of peace?

Wonder if this bird got in on the action….?

Honestly, I’m not big on prophecies any more. I’ve known too many false prophets in my day, who profited quite a bit on the gullible. There was a time when I believed more than I do. I remember hearing about this, I was in a terrible place in my life. I didn’t care about Ukraine, Russia, the war on terror. I’d quit listening to the news. Somehow it came out on the radio. My ex wife was driving. We were going to eat out again. Slowly killing ourselves with fast food, destroying our finances by eating out all the time. I remember thinking, dully, “I wonder if there is any symbolism to this.” And then I never thought about it again until I started writing this post.

A line from the soundtrack of “Lost Boys.” “They need to feed/they both agree/the hawk and the dove.”

Was God talking to us back then? Was God trying to tell us that the country of liberty and the country of death would attempt to tear apart the peace of Ukraine? Or was it simply what birds do? Maybe the crow and the gull were looking for a quick meal and just randomly fell upon the doves. And the doves got away (as far as all the posts I’ve read have told). Does that mean Ukraine will survive?

I hope that Ukraine does survive. It is hard to believe they can win. And yet….they have already survived a week longer than I expected them to. It’s almost like Russia is no longer the military power house they once were. Like the generation that sacrificed so much to defeat real Nazis has passed away.

The heroes of Stalingrad were a different breed from the rapists of Ukraine.

At the risk of losing some of my readers….I respect Russia. They fought like tigers in World War II. The Russians feel like the world owes them for the sacrifices made in that horrible conflict. Ironically, the US feels the same way. It has been 77 years since we were brothers in arms. Both have forgotten what the other gave up, just like two prodigal sons fighting over a girl who frankly doesn’t love either of them.

Humans tend to want to see patterns. The universe is a less frightening place when we can make sense of it. Birds attacking the Pope’s peace birds has to make sense. It is part of man’s search for meaning. But I’m afraid I don’t see exactly what it means.

Iosef Kuglack, age 89 at the time of the photo, celebrating the 70th anniversary of our mutual victory over the Axis in World War II.

Is it possible for the Crow and the Seagull to coexist? Or is this a winner take all scenario? Is the town too small for both desperadoes? Will we ever come to our senses?

I want to believe there is hope. I want to believe that the lessons we thought we have learned have not been utterly forgotten. That the people who sacrificed so much in Stalingrad and in London, in Burma, in Goltry Oklahoma have not died in vain.

War is part of our makeup. That’s why we love sports. Why we love movies and books and stories. We want to hear about folks that overcome some conflict. But we need to evolve past the need to kill. We have nukes, chemical weapons, biological weapons. If we don’t overcome this tendency, the dove, the crow, the gull, and the albatross may all perish along with us.


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