Confessions of a Battered Conservative, or, Why is the World Fricken Crazy?

Robert Peel, credited with founding the Conservative Party in Great Britain

My first memory of politics was when I was five. I remember asking my dad about it. It’s been too long ago, I don’t remember why I was thinking about it. Perhaps there was an ad, or something on the news. At any rate, I asked Dad who he was voting for. His response was “Jimmy Carter, because he’s a farmer, and we need a farmer for President.” Four years later he would be cussing Carter a blue streak, praising Reagan to high heaven, and vociferously voting Republican the rest of his life.

Navy Lieutenant James Carter. Most of my life I was told he commanded a submarine, from my internet search all I can verify is he had the ambition to command a submarine. He did graduate from the Naval Academy, and had experience on a nuclear submarine, but as far as my research goes he did not serve as commanding officer.

Since I was a child, and basically believed almost everything my parents said as gospel truth, I thought that Jimmy Carter was the biggest moron. But, I don’t any more. I’ve grown up. He may in fact have been the wrong person for the Presidency at that time, but I now believe he is an honest, intelligent man who had our countries best interests at heart. But we all know what the path to Hell is paved with…..

The years when I formed my stoic go down swinging philosophy were dominated by Ronald Reagan. For the first year or two I thought he could do no wrong. The hostages that were taken in Iran (I thought) due to Jimmy Carter’s weakness had been released. In my mind, of coarse it was because they feared Reagan. Now I realize that, while there may have been an element of fearing Reagan, there was surely some of it due to Carter’s negotiations. But I was a child, I didn’t know.

How can I ever forget Reagan on tv, trying to console a grieving nation after the Challenger exploded? I’ve never in my life seen a President rally our nation like he did

I concede, now that I am grown, he made mistakes. Frankly, he made profound mistakes. The bank closures of the early eighty’s and the Iron Contra affair frankly were just plain stupid. And in my humble opinion, our country never did recover from the bank closures. I know my family never did.

Yet we always loved Reagan. And honestly, I still do. I love him for three reasons.

  • 1. He built our military back up from the depressing state it had been in in the seventies to the state of the art dominant military that rolled through Iraq so quickly (only to be bogged down there by bad politics).
  • 2. He kept a tough stance but was yet willing to negotiate. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always felt had he not been President, the Cold War would not have ended in my lifetime. Though for all I know maybe he just extended our life a few decades.
  • 3. In my lifetime, the only President who even came close to being so able to touch the heart of the American people as well was maybe Bill Clinton. His speeches were the most iconic, most well written and well delivered of any President since Kennedy.

Here is a fairly well balanced site that gives an evaluation that will help anybody who doesn’t know much about Reagan a good idea of what he was like.

Reagan had a way of making you feel proud to be American. Nobody since has made so many feel that way.

I went to collage during the administration of George H. W. Bush. I don’t want to be a Bush basher here, but for whatever reason, he rarely touched the heart strings the way Reagan could do. Whether there is an art to winning the hearts of the people and Bush didn’t have it, or whether we are all just shallow and like how handsome Reagan was, Bush just didn’t have the same amount of love from the American people. I started to change some of my thoughts with the things I was learning in collage. I was just learning how to learn, and learning that some of my pat ideas of youth were wrong was harsh. I started to become more and more liberal….and then….

I got sick. I tried to reconcile with my father. That ended up being a mistake. But there was one thing that I was introduced to that again changed my thinking, and turned me into a staunch conservative.

This post is running long, I’ll write more about the evolution of my political thought in a later post (unless my readers want me to write about something else). If you want to know who influenced me in the nineties, stay tuned….

War is terrible, and there is no way around it. Whether you agree we should have gone to war with Iraq or not, you have to admit this is terrible. Does anyone deserve to die this way?


  1. NorthernOkie says:

    I, too, am a “child of the 80s” and Ronald Reagan was my hero ( a similar journey ala Alex P. Keaton of Family Ties, perhaps), and I also remember driving my mother (lifelong Democratic until the Clinton era) crazy by singing a parody of the “Oscar Mayer” jingle:
    My peanut has a first name; its J-i-m-m-y.
    My peanut has a 2nd name is C-a-r-t-ER.
    I love to tease him every day, and if you ask me why I’ll say:
    That Jimmy Carter has a way of messing up the USA.

    Now, I look at his life (especially post-Presidency) and realize what an honorable and good man he is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Curtiswselby says:

      Yeah….I’d vote for Carter tomorrow if he’d run. I blamed a lot of things on him then that were likely unfair. Thanks for the input. And I think I do have a trilogy….1)Reagan, 2) Limbaugh, and 3) Ron Paul. If you would like though I’ll be happy to write the evolution of “post Ron Paul” Curtis. Though it might be repetitive of some of the things I wrote about Trump


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