Small Farmers vs the Billionaire Power Matrix

Consider this question. Is there an answer? If you have one, please share it.


  1. Xman says:

    1.) The powers that be do a great job of making us feel alone or despondent. If I feel isolated, or outcast, or powerless, then they can keep us down through inaction. We acquiesce to the lie that we can’t make a difference. But, as Thoreau said (paraphrase), what will the government do if we all rise up? Can they throw us all in jail?
    Sometimes the answer is “yes” — or even worse! — Tiananmen Square is a fantastic example of how a government was willing to murder its own people that were rising up in order to keep power.
    Of course, sometimes it works (Ghandi, Dr. King, etc).
    2.) So to combat that, the “powers that be” “divide and conquer” — but they don’t do the fighting! Instead they turn people upon the friends and neighbors. (R)s vs (D)s or the Christian v Agnostic or rural v Urban. Those “others” are heathens, don’t you know! They are after your kids, your jobs, your property values, etc. Fear-mongering against the “other” keeps the Miiddle Class from uniting to temper the greed of the oligarchs.

    What’s my sad catchphrase: If there is any hope, it lies in the Proles….

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    1. Curtiswselby says:

      But can the proles “awaken” in time, or would it just end up another depressing descent into barbarism


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