Three Reasons Why the Personal is Political, But Not For the Reasons We Are Told Part I

Imagine there’s no hatred/I wonder if you can/No need to bash your partner/A family of humans/Imagine all the people partnering in peace/You may say I’m a dreamer/Likely I am the only one/I hope some day she will join us/And our world will be more fun. With apologies to John Lennon, may he rest in peace.

In my last post I explicated my thoughts on the gender wars of recent decades, but when I was pushing 3000 words I decided I’d make it at least a two part series. Here is the link if you haven’t read it or want a refresher:

At the end of that post, I attempt to explain how the modern Radical Feminist Movement, like so many political plays, is little more than another tool in the hands of Hegemony, tightening the shackles of the very people who are struggling so hard for freedom. I’m not going to debate Feminism vs Men’s Rights (who really cares about Men’s Rights anyway? The only ones who really have any are the very wealthiest white men), nor will I do more than touch on the differences between “Radical” and “Liberal” Feminism. And I mean to explain the differences only to point out that there is a difference between a political stance, (I am a Republican) and the ideology (I don’t drink the Trumpster cool aid).

This image frankly explains it best.

Honestly, I don’t feel the need to waste any more time on that subject, I think the image spells it out plain. A Liberal Feminist wants to be free of the chains society has burdened her with. The Radical Feminist in their desire to uproot the Patriarchy can often be guilty of just oppressing men. And frankly other women. So lets dive in.

There are three ways the personal is political. They are:

  • 1) The forces of Power do indeed seep in at all levels. It is not only possible, it is quite likely the people who oppress you the most are in your own family, church, or business. But this is true irrespective of sex.
  • 2)The forces of Power desire nothing more than for us to lose our identities and become mindless automatons obeying their decrees. The message of Liberal Feminism has nearly succeeded in forcing men (except for the Hegemons) into the state of passive obedience, effectively slashing possible opposition by nearly 50%.
  • 3) The forces of Power not only don’t care about women, they actually hate women more profoundly than the men who have been silenced. And since the Hegemons wield more and more power, but face less and less opposition, the terrible suffering women have just begun to reduce, will instead intensify as the Hegemons use their power to break the spirit of women in general.

There are several mantras to Radical Feminism. It was difficult to narrow it down to one. But the one I’m focusing on is “The personal is political.” It is one of their slogans that resonates with me as an avid reader of 1984. Those who have read it remember that when Winston and Julia had sex it was in part an act of personal rebellion against The Party and Big Brother. Likely I am just a dumb man misunderstanding women, but that is what I think of when I read the slogan and some of the commentary about it. These people are saying that the politics of gender permeate our most intimate affiliations, and it is likely not merely the government or the wealthy oppressing you, it is likely your father, your brother, your son, the men in your family, church, or business. And even an act as deeply personal as sex ends up being a political action either for or against this oppressive Patriarchy.

With this, I neither totally agree with nor do I totally disagree. There are dysfunctional families. There are oppressive fathers. And mothers. And Husbands. And wives. And sons. And daughters. To me, sex is only a part (albeit a very important and powerful part) of the picture.

I’m sharing this image here to make the point. Honestly, it may be men doing the shaming, it’s just as oppressive no matter who wags the finger. But the more intelligent Liberal Feminists will be the first to admit that women have allowed themselves to be the shaming grace of Western society. That has been a tool of the Patriarchy (“a good mother will make her son ashamed to date someone from the wrong side of the tracks”), the Hegemons will exploit this more ruthlessly. For more on this topic:

While the Hegemon shames women in different ways than how they shame men, make no mistake, men are shamed as much, if not more, than women. Which leads to my next point.

The Hegemony wants us all to be mind numbed sheep. They want compliance. They want obedience. Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Radical Feminists have been criticized for being too puritanical. This plays into the Hegemony’s schemes. Some people are over hedonized, they pour out pornography and pressure us and our kids to have lots of sex. Not…um….saying I’m totally against that, but I don’t want the Hegemons dictating how and to whom and when and why. My balls are mine damn it. And…maybe my significant other. Everyone else can mind their own genitals. The other front is to delegitimize sex. Make sure it never happens. Make sure we control what babies are born. How many, and to whom.

Fortunately I caught myself before I got too deep down the rabbit hole. I started going off on the tangent of NWO population control schemes, and then realized I was getting too far off topic. To stay on point…I agree with Radical Feminism that the oppression you are dealing with is often most personal, but make no mistake, the same can be said of men.

Let’s start with the insidious “Men’s Rights Movement.” What is their number one complaint? Well, I can’t get on their website currently, but the leading website for the movement according to the research I’m conducting is “A Voice For Men.” Since I can’t get on there, I’ll paraphrase from other sources. Here are three websites I’m looking at to learn about them:

For those of you who don’t wish to do all the reading, however, I’ll sum it up: divorce.

The hardest part of my divorce has been my son’s heart failure. I had to fight painfully hard for the right to see him. When the hospital took out his breathing tube he couldn’t talk, so he was given this paper so that he could communicate. He kept pointing to “don’t leave” when I arrived. Can anyone tell me what is missing from this picture? That’s right. “Dad.”

The main gripes of the “Men’s Rights” movements are: the unequal settlements of divorce courts, the higher rates of suicide of men, the higher rates of conviction and incarceration for men, the higher rates of job injuries and death on the job for men, the fact that when prison rapes are included in statistics there are actually higher numbers of men raped than women, men have a significantly lower life expectancy, men are significantly less likely to get a collage degree, and there is no recourse for the average man if he is being abused by his wife.

On top of all of this, if you complain about any of these things, the response is likely not going to be very supportive (remember, I was laughed at when I sought shelter from my abusive wife. And just so you know, it was a kind woman who recommended I even try). In response to the Washington Post article “Why The Patriarchy Is Killing Men” feminist leader Chidera Eggerue tweeted “If men are committing suicide because they can’t cry, how’s it my concern?” Imagine if a man said “If women are dying from coat hanger abortions, how is that my concern?” Actually, you don’t have to. I’ll post an article where a man let slip something similar, and you be the judge:

I’m not stating these as facts, these are all things you would need to look up and do your own research to decide if the movement has any legs to stand on. There are issues they take that I agree with and others I don’t. Just like most women will agree with some points of Radical Feminism but will disagree with others.

This is my point: looking at the list of gripes the Men’s Libbers have….don’t they look awfully personal? No woman is mandated to divorce a man. She chooses that. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt a huge percentage of the men left have it coming. But we all have excuses for what we do. Some are legitimate, some are less so. My point is there are examples of men abused through divorce (the same is true of women), and that is family. Suicide is personal. Job injuries and deaths are businesses. Rape…do I even need to say it? It’s not the government raping these men, it’s fellow prison inmates. Life expectancy, collage degrees, spousal abuse. Other than incarceration, all of the Men’s Rights issues are personal. If it is true for the Radical Feminists that the personal is political, it is equally true for the men’s rights movement. Let me know in the comments if you think I am wrong.

I will continue in the next post to explain how the American Man is the Invisible Man. Stay tuned for more Tired Blogging.

Surely this was personal. From the perspective of Radical Feminism, Amber Heard taking a crap in his bed was political. Whoever you think is right, at the end of the day, whoever was oppressed was oppressed by their partner. This is the world we have built.
Men and women are both shamed by our society, deliberately made to feel worthless so we won’t demand much. “In response to the well-established pattern of male self-harm, one Washington Post op-ed argued “Why The Patriarchy Is Killing Men.” The prominent British feminist, Chidera Eggerue, poked at the same topic. “If men are committing suicide because they can’t cry, how’s it my concern?” Eggerue tweeted. When others criticized her flippancy, Eggerue spun it towards nuance. “My points run deeper and I’m requesting that we create a dialogue about the bigger issue of patriarchy.” Sure, she was.”

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