Put an “R” in Front of It and Oklahoma Will Vote For IT

Please watch the video, it will make the rest of my post make more sense.


I had so many friends that voted for Stitt, and I had so many vote against him. My next post (I hope) is going to be a Tired Blogger analysis of Governor Stitt.

As you can likely tell from my title, I’m not a fan. But it is altogether likely that I am being unfair. Maybe I have allowed my life to color my views too much. Maybe I should be more objective. Maybe I should give the man a break.

Give me a break?! I’ll break your face!

Ok…seriously…while I may not be the most objective writer on this topic, I want to do a Tired Blogger analysis of the Fox Interview above.

He actually handles the interview very well at first. “Oklahomans are too smart” to fall for the “lies” put forth by his opponents. The Oklahoma economy is doing great (I’ll get to that in another post). We have the biggest surplus in history (again, I’ll get to that in another post).

Then we get to the part where the Faux News reporter challenges him. J. C. Watts endorsed Joy Hoffmeister. Not gonna lie, whoever was in the right in this election, that had to hurt. Did anyone else notice his response?

My main man right there! Julius Caesar Watts, a courageous man who was brave enough to stand by his beliefs. Or so I thought. Is your Tired Blogger wrong (again)?

Stitt’s defense of J. C. Watt’s statement that there has been too much corruption under Stitt was met with “He’s on the board of Pay Pal. He’s like a George Soros of Oklahoma.”

I gotta admit…these were fighting words to me. Who should I believe? Stitt, or Watts?




Doing a quick read of these three sites, I find J. C. Watts is the son of a politically active farmer. His father was a city council member, and his brother was President of the Oklahoma NAACP. He was elected to Congress in a district that was extremely predominantly white and Democrat (I guess some things DO change). He rose to the fourth-ranking position in the house. Since then he has served on the board of directors for the Boy Scouts, a little-known backward school at West Point, and several companies. The New York Times wrote an article about him claiming that the only problem with him was that he thought for himself rather than just touting the party line (does that mean that he, like Lou Ferrigno, is disloyal?). He was good friends with Newt Gingrich (she turned me into a newt!). When he was elected, he was the only…let me repeat that…the ONLY black Republican in the House. Ironically the man who had been discriminated against most of his young life for being black (Barry Switzer took quite a lot of flack in Oklahoma for choosing a colored man to be his head quarterback, I guess courage belongs to all races) was called an Uncle Tom for being a Republican. He was supposed to be a mind-numbed Democrat. But he was his own man, no matter what party he belonged to. After serving eight years, he decided that, while being called “Congressman” was a great honor, it didn’t hold a candle to being called “Dad.” He did not run for a fifth term.

This is the man we are supposed to believe is a blackguard turncoat. We should take Stitt’s word over this man’s words.

Pray tell…why?

Let’s compare him with Stitt. Stitt did…NOT have to overcome racial prejudice. He was a businessman before he came to office. According to him, he grew his multi-million dollar business from a thousand dollars and a computer.

The fact is, I can find that figure all over the place. The one thing your Tired Blogger can’t find is how he did that? I had friends with a few thousand around the same time. How is it that he became a multi-millionaire, and my friends and I are struggling just to get by? I can tell you it was not his dashing good looks or his winning personality. I call a bs that it was a positive mental attitude. So how did he do it?

I promise in my next few posts I’m going to do some digging. But your Tired Blogger is going to leave you with this thought…how he handled money in business is likely similar to how he handled money in government. If we take him at his word he has grown the Community Chest. But so much of that money is under investigation. Am I the only one who’s Spidey Sense is tingling?



  1. The truly sad thing is, voting has become an empty thing, there is no attempt to do anything other than install our color/party/ideology-

    We stopped caring about the future because we are so wrapped up in hating a past that is not being learned from and cannot be changed.

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    1. Curtiswselby says:

      Henry David Thorough basically said the same thing well over a century and a half ago. And I honestly think that even then he was right. I agree that more people should be learning from history, and stop hating each other for the wrongs of the past. I’m glad you seem to understand that I don’t bring up wounded knee to fan the flames of Native American anger, but to point out that them gaining some autonomy is, in my humble opinion, a good thing. Your blog is amazing, I’ll keep working on mine in the meanwhile. Feel free to comment any time, constructive criticism is always valued.


      1. Amen! And well said and done!


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