Voting Results: Three Reasons Why the Last Election Makes a Tired Blogger Sad

My overpaid assistant says this is actually NOT Governor Stitt, but I believe this photo is as legit as most Oklahoma political elections.

There were not many surprises for me in the last election. People keep saying that things are changing, but they seem like the same old corruption to me. I was told after some personal disappointments that I should write a fun post. I don’t know at this point what that would be, but I have a lot of fun poking fun at corrupt politicians.

So let’s get started on three reasons Stitt’s reelection irritates a Tired Blogger.

I think the pictures says it all. Image from

  • Oklahoma does not care about honesty.
  • Oklahoma basically told teachers and our children to go kick rocks.
  • Oklahomans listen more to social media than to the candidates themselves, and that only exacerbates our other profound problems.

Let’s begin the roasting.

Anacyclosis is a new term I just discovered. It is a Greek term describing the cycle of history. One form of government leads into the next, and as the flaws of the current form of government become too drastic to sustain, the answers are often “found” by forming the next form of government in the cycle. Image from

I may be alienating some of my readers here, but I’m not terribly proud of my state tonight. I’ll try to be objective here, but I’m already emotional from personal stuff, and the election didn’t help.

Let me explain. I don’t have anything against anyone who voted for Stitt because they researched and found that they found Stitt’s ideology to fit better than Joy’s. I don’t have anything against anyone who saw a few mud-slinging ads linking Joy to Biden and voting because “Biden is bad.” But if you read the next two articles and still would vote for him “just because he is Republican,” you my fellow Oklahoman, are a big part of what is wrong with the whole fricken’ country.

Maybe you see the logo on the lower left. This isn’t CNN or MSNBC. This is Fox News. They tried to vet him for us, asking about the alleged corruption, the Federal investigations, and J. C. Watt’s endorsement of Joy Hoffmeister. His response was that J. C. Watts was on the board of Paypal (as if that matters), and that he had started his business with a thousand dollars. Image from Newsweek.

I take my information about Stitt’s honesty from these websites:

Stitt losing his cool with Rep Forrest Bennett, after Stitt lost his sh-t because a woman who asked if he’d take a photo with her and gave the “black power fist” in the photo. This is what tyrants do. They lose their cool for childish reasons. I found the photo and story on reddit. tells us there have been several instances of misspending, “much of it from no-bid contracts.” Here is their list of examples:

This was the photo that made Stitt lose it. Maybe there is more to the story. Maybe she whispered something offensive. I don’t know. But frankly, had he just handled it with the grace you or I would be expected to handle it with, there would be nothing to see here citizens. also points out his lack of transparency. While he complains about $20 million in “dark money” being spent against him, demanding that the names of the donors be disclosed. “But he refused to provide details as a massive incentive package moved through the Legislature at record speed this year, citing a non-disclosure agreement he signed. More recently, secrecy agreements have been cited as he raised money for a new governor’s mansion, according to TV station KFOROklahoma Watch had to sue the state to get access to billions in requests for federal pandemic relief money under the American Rescue Plan Act.”

Kevin Stitt leads the Oklahoma Legislature in the Chicken Dance as a nonplussed Joy Hoffmeister looks on. Now you see why he won. He may be a corrupt sob, but man has he got the moves. Image from the Oklahoman. Or The Chicken Attack YouTube video…not really sure.

I can hear my fellow Republicans now. “Yeah, he misspent some money, but I am not perfect with my budget either. We can cut him some slack.” Ok, fair enough. What does have to say? Maybe they have something to say that will change my mind about the governor who looks most like a b-rate actor from a bottomlessly awful Hitchcock rip off.

According to “Stitt told host Tucker Carlson that someone could “show their Indian card” and get a criminal conviction overturned. He was referencing cards that show citizenship in the six Oklahoma-based tribes that have jurisdiction to prosecute crimes that happen on their lands following the 2020 Supreme Court decision in McGirt v. Oklahoma.” states that this is patently false, but you needn’t just take their word for it.

The first time I read this I was 16. The story of the Nez Perce has haunted me ever since.

According to the ruling can be seen several different ways, but the Native American Tribes mostly see it as a victory for the partial independence they have struggled for so long. The truth according to this article is that rather than going free, all the Supreme Court ruling means is that Native Americans can, if they so choose, decide to be retried by the Federal Court system instead of the state court system that convicted them in the first place.

According to Pew Research, 83% of trials in Federal Court result in conviction, whereas Oklahoma State cases result in…please stand by as your Tired Blogger searches diligently for these figures…in the meanwhile, I’ll provide the Pew Research site…

My overpaid assistant desperately trying to figure out where the state of Oklahoma hides all its crime statistics…

Twenty minutes later, I still can find no figures. I may have to give up on this aspect of the analysis. But even without numbers to go on, I think it is a safe bet that roughly 83% of those that attempt to have their cases retried will still be convicted. Oklahoma does have the second highest incarceration rate in the world, so it’s possible that might be a fair number of releases.

I didn’t stutter…and no, I don’t mean in the US…I mean in the world…don’t believe me? Check out this site

I know you are as disappointed as I am that we actually incarcerate more people per 100k than Switzerland…

Based on that data, Stitt may be right…a floodgate of criminals may go free, not because many of them will get exonerated, but simply because we have SO MANY locked up. How many of them are Native Americans (the only demographic this Supreme Court ruling impacts)?

According to, in 2017 there were 3133 Native Americans incarcerated in Oklahoma. If all of them apply to be retried, and there was the usual 83 % Federal conviction rate, this leaves us with 533 prisoners that might conceivably be freed. So on one hand, Stitt’s fears are not wholly ungrounded, but they are drastically exaggerated. According to the same site, Oklahoma releases 9365 people every year. This means a 5.69% increase in prison release. Roughly one more out of twenty.

I’m not saying Stitt or those who support him are 100% wrong, but I do believe he has overdramatized the situation, and while the Tribes may be “super liberal” as he likes to say, allowing them to handle more of their own internal issues does not worry me. What worries me is a willingness to pander to our baser fears. When I listen to him I can’t help but feel like he’s feeding off the age old Oklahoma fear of the Native American. Almost as though he were suggesting that allowing them to try more of their own cases (or, as is most likely, just having the Feds handle more of them) is just one step away from the Ghost Dance invoking the Great Spirit to drive us all from their lands. Who knows…maybe they should…

A photo of Sitting Bull from 1883. Since Oklahoma history has mostly been taught from the perspective of the whites, I can’t really pretend to totally understand. The Natives had taken several centuries of oppression and broken treaties, and when they started doing the Ghost Dances to ask the Great Spirit for redemption, the government got freaked out. In the greatest US military assault (at the time) since the end of the Civil War, fully one-third of the extent US military descended on the Sioux in 1890. Sitting Bull was shot in the head, and the tragedy of Wounded Knee left uncounted dead. The gravediggers of the Seventh Cavalry buried 84 men, 44 women, and 18 children, but many dead and wounded were left for three weeks on the frozen ground and were never counted. So I ask…why would the Native Americans NOT want more control over their trials? Image and information from

Well, your Tired Blogger is exceptionally tired. I will continue this series on Friday when I will tell all my friends in education to get stuffed. Till then, thanks for reading, and make mine marvel!


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