What is the Difference Between a Sigma and an Alpha Male?


I think I might have been a sigma male had I been abused just a tiny bit less. What are your thoughts about the so called hierarchy of males? Commets wanted.


  1. Humanity lives in a social construct of their own design, I would suggest that those of us who have been abused, raised in generational poverty or otherwise had trauma inflicted by others without cause or through seeking (not through our own decisions alone) I would suggest that we have two outcomes. We grow and are stronger as a result, or we simply give up and for the rest of our miserable lives are victims…the real question is not, who is beta, alpha, sigma or zeta stunbloog (making words up) but rather who is capable of changing and learning with positive forward progress versus those who either blame or assign responsibility to anything other than themselves.
    As I tell my children, and represent in my own life, we MUST know ourselves and accept who we are, flaws and all before we can ever look to others in any meaningful way. This means accepting our failures and our wins, it means accepting the things we hate about ourselves and turning our weaknesses into strengths.
    I am a disabled male, 45 years old, without my messed-up spine I would be 6′, I am currently 5’7″ I weigh 205lbs (down from 276), I am crooked and walk funny. And yet, I am sought out by those I have worked with and work with now because, I am reliable and trustworthy. I have turned my weaknesses and flaws into strengths. When I see someone watching me, I make jokes about myself and move on. Once I show others my flaws and own them without allowing them to make me a victim, others also do the same. In our current society we are surrounded by individuals whose only goal is to be accepted, except, they haven’t yet learned to accept themselves.

    Sigma, beta eh- dont car’a!

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    1. Curtiswselby says:

      I always thought I was a zeta stunbloog, but the same scholars who denounce Randall Carlson say I am definitely a Ferengi/Klingon/Romulon hibride. I am sorry about your spine. I’m 51 and so far blessed with a pain free back. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, and for sharing such personal and profound wisdom here. Pain can be a teacher, but I am grateful for having so little physical pain. Keep on posting, we need more history and wisdom in our lives.

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