Paul Tay’s Guide to Career Success, or Whadayamean HR Wants to Have a Talk With Me?

If I ever have to take a mug shot, I hope I can smile that well.

My second post about the redoubtable Paul Tay begins with what I think is his mugshot. He has truly made it to the big time! He has been written about by the New York Post, and even more importantly, by your friendly neighborhood Tired Blogger (what blogs at midnight).

Likely if you are able to read you now know that Paul was charged with assault, kidnapping, and rape. I guess he has been reading the Bill and Hillary Clinton handbook to success…

Here we have Hillary Clinton praying to Kali that we ignore everything Tulsi Gabbard says.

All right, let’s dive in. In this post I intend to share what happened to get Tay charged but then, almost a year later, released. I’m going to share his campaign platform (hey, even if my bias is against him, you deserve to know what he stands for, right?) And I’m going to share some final thoughts, as well as a special insider quote that may shed a bit of light on the subject.

I’ve already shared that “According to David Van Risseghem of, Paul Tay decided to protest “at 34th and Sheridan on July 3rd in front of lots of traffic with a plastic penis on his helmet, holding a sign that said, quote, “Suck my dick for $1” and he was gesturing at drivers.”

“He was swiftly convicted in a trial by his peers.”

In the world I know, if your friendly neighborhood Tired Blogger were to show up anywhere outside his own apartment sporting latex genitals and essentially propositioning the entire metro area, I can about guarantee it would be a couple of years till my pale face saw the light of day again. What happened to Paul Tay?

He made it to the big time. The New York Post reported on him. He’s hit the big time now baby! New York Post!

“Paul Tay, 58, is accused of attacking the woman on two separate occasions after she responded to a Craigslist ad on Sunday for a job on his campaign team, the Tulsa Police Department said in a news release.

“Later Sunday, Tay picked up the woman, who didn’t have a car, and instead of heading to the intended destination of Oklahoma City, the candidate headed toward Tulsa, according to police.

“The frightened woman tried to escape the vehicle, but Tay allegedly hit her in the head with a pipe and sexually assaulted her, according to cops.

“Tay then ran out of gas, but managed to panhandle for money to fill his tank, the news release said.

“With the woman still inside his car, Tay drove back to his Tulsa home and allegedly raped her, police said.”

The takeaway is…there are still good people in Oklahoma who will give you gas money if you are in a bind.

Finally found an image of Paul Tay panhandling that I could share. I always told myself I didn’t run for office because I have no money, no influence, and just one or two skeletons in my closet I don’t want people knowing about. But that doesn’t stop the Honorable Mr. Tay.

The redoubtable Tulsa World (to which I now subscribe so that I can get quotes from the fricken blankety blank paper) give what Paul Harvey would call “The Rest of the Story.” (God I miss that man!)

“Paul Cheng Tay, who had been in custody almost a year since his Aug. 23 arrest, posted bond to be released on other unrelated pending charges Monday, according to online jail records.

Prosecutors charged the 59-year-old with first-degree rape by instrumentation, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon on a woman’s allegations to police after she responded to Tay’s posts on Craigslist.

“The details that emerged over the course of the case made clear that there were severe credibility issues with the accuser,” Assistant Public Defender Janay Clougherty said.” Note to self, take down personal Craigslist page…

Does this really even need a caption?

You can read the article if you want, but the long and the short of it is (I’m sure Tay would say it was long) there was some confusion about the fact the woman had answered two of his ads, “the first for campaign work and the other for a “sugar baby.” If you don’t know what a “sugar baby” is, look it up on some adult web site. Or look up adult slang terms. Anyway, it is not exactly a s-x worker, but it isn’t exactly not a s-x worker. No judgement here, I just wonder if that status is what led to her no longer being believed. Comments welcome.

“Tay was scheduled to go to trial later this month, but Clougherty filed a list of six witnesses prepared to testify to the alleged victim’s lifelong propensity to lie about many things, including sexual assaults and cancer diagnoses.

“Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Elmore opted to dismiss the kidnapping and assault charges pending further investigation, and he declined to comment for this story.

“The District Attorney’s Office did the right thing in dismissing the case,” Clougherty said. “Going forward, I hope such due diligence is exercised to identify non-credible accusations in every case.”

An image from Paul Tay’s Facebook page. While I don’t believe this to be the case, I can’t help asking…is it possible the whole thing was a set up to keep him quiet? Comments welcome.

Paul Tay is now a free man, and thus likely will hunt me down and bust my head open with a lead pipe. To help him out, my address is…(leaning over to whisper to over paid assistant) “What is my ex-wife’s address again? Yeah, I know I lived there for twelve years, but I’ve tried to erase that memory…hey! Why are you on Craig’s List? Um…you found what? Why…of course you can have a raise. And two weeks paid vacation. I’ll even throw in a bonus if you’ll just get me that address…” yeah, my address is 303 W. 1st St. in Tulsa, Ok. Big building. Can’t miss it.

But seriously, I’ve been ranting about this guy, and making him look pretty bad (though some might say he did this to himself, but I digress). In the interests of fairness, what is Paul Tay’s platform? What does he have to say about himself?

The Tulsa World gave him a paragraph for his platform: “Tay’s promises for his performance if elected include replacing Tulsa Zoo animals with livestock that could provide food for north Tulsa grocery stores. He wants to mandate liability insurance for all Tulsa police officers. He wants to decriminalize marijuana use in the city limits. He wants to arm citizens.” And this page also has some items on his platform:

You can read there the whole thing if you like, but I thought I’d share a few salient points:

“Official Statements of The Honorable Paul Tay, Office of the Governor 2022, State of Oklahoma:”

“On the first Juneteenth federal holiday, as approved by President of the United States Joe Biden, under the standard of review posed by the Treaty of Cusseta, the United States acted beyond its jurisdiction when it forced The Muscogee Nation to free slaves and share wealth with Greenwood freedmen.  

“The United States did not force France to give up french fries for its support of the South.  

“The United States has not force the Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in the United States to renounce its claim on Republic of China (Taiwan).

“The United States tacitly recognizes the tenure of RoC President 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen, considered by the People’s Republic as sham illegitimate authority and an act of war.”

Confederate General Paul Tay drinks a toast to all the boys who died defending our rights in the war of Northern Aggression. I thought Stand Watie was the last Confederate General, but it would seem I was mistaken.

A Tired Blogger Evalutation

To begin with, I actually have a little bit of insider information on this one. A lady who was new to the political sphere who ran against him in one of his multiple campaigns but wishes to be anonymous because…I mean…lead pipes and attempted rapes are frankly scary, gave me a quote via twitter. “I noticed he had bad vibes even before he kidnapped and assaulted (allegedly) that woman. He was always a bit off (to put it nicely).” I’m afraid that is the extent of my influence, all the other people involved were allegedly surfing in Qatar.

Personally, I think the guy likely does have psychological issues. But then, many people in politics have psychological issues. Lincoln suffered from severe chronic depression. Ulysses S. Grant was an alcoholic. And I suspect the majority of politicians in the last thirty years are narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths of the first order. Would I vote for him? No, of course not. Does he deserve a voice? Better question…who does not deserve a voice.

I’m thinking a very confused man with something that at the least is severe personality disorder, and at the worst could be mild schizophrenia, made one too many Craigs List posts, and a woman who was down on her luck responded, hoping to get some financial assistance one way or another. Since I don’t know all the details, I don’t know if she was raped. On one level I hope not, because frankly, the thought that her rapist walks free, s-x worker or not, is sickening to me. But I also don’t want to Alex Jones this. At the very least, I can’t imagine knocking a woman on the head with a pipe on purpose and getting away with that Scot free.

I was hoping, Mr. Miller, to find a smoking gun on some kind of conspiracy theory. Like, he has dirt on some politician, so they let him go. But if there is anything like that, I have so far been unable to find it. My resources are limited (though for the first time in my life I actually got to do a direct quote from a real live ex-political candidate, and that is cool!) But if anyone would like me to do more digging on this topic, or if there is something else you would like me to write about, please leave comments or contact me at my legitimate locations. But at this point, the case as I see it is, “crazy man assaults a s-x worker, there isn’t enough proof to convict, so we are just gonna let him go and hopefully the behavior doesn’t escalate.”

My next post will likely be Tuesday, as I will be hanging out with friends all weekend.



  1. Matthew Miller says:

    I am terribly disappointed that this half baked moron seems to be the best shot at an independent candidacy in the city of Tulsa.

    Sad as it is, lunacy seems to be the only draw to independent voters.

    “Let’s use the zoo to raise farm animals in order to feed north Tulsa…”

    Setting aside that the land and facilities the zoo sits on wouldn’t raise enough to feed an apartment complex (let alone the northern part of Tulsa) for any real amount of time, I think a sane person would suggest more employment opportunities. A boatload of crime deterrence would help immensely as well.

    But, that’s just my unprofessional opinion.

    “On the first Juneteenth federal holiday, as approved by President of the United States Joe Biden…the United States acted beyond its jurisdiction when it forced The Muscogee Nation to free slaves and share wealth with Greenwood freedmen.”

    Soooo… he’s pro slavery? I mean REALLY…WTF?

    On the other hand, I think we can all agree that the French should give up their… fries… for supp..or…ting…

    Okay, the guys even crazier than I knew.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Curtiswselby says:

      I am glad you enjoyed it! Lol. Would you like me to write one more about this guy, or move in?


      1. Matthew Miller says:

        If you have more, keep it coming.

        Liked by 1 person

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