The Hegemony isn’t as powerful as they want us to think they are


  1. 1st, no aliens

    We would be less than ants to actual aliens


    Definitely, this is intra-government-controlled bullshit and no, their power always lies in how easy or difficult it is for them to guide the sheep that vote/support them.

    As long as people keep saying “but these are better than these, or, but they are lesser of two, or, they support one of my ideals so…everything must be okay”

    We will be their bitches. Blue or red, left or right, those who seek power rarely deserve it and almost always abuse it. 😑

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    1. Curtiswselby says:

      💯 I don’t know if there are aliens, but once I grew up I thought it was weird that ultra high tech beings would be secretive. I do think some deep state crap is going on, but honestly I don’t know enough valid information to speculate very much. I just wanted to share his thought that the Powers That Be (I hope) are not as powerful as they try to make out

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      1. Heck yeah, I love the video and subbed haha


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