Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon Part Ways With Fake News. Will Anyone be Spared?

Two big names in the News World have parted ways from their respective companies. Don Lemon left CNN, and Tucker Carlson left Fox. What is going on?

I had intended to write about the way CNN has tried to label the musical artist Ren as a negative influence on the youth of TikTok. I still intend to talk about that, but I thought I would start out with the shocking news today that CNN is losing Don Lemon, and Fox is losing Tucker Carlson. What is going on with the big news companies? What is going on with Ren vs. CNN? And how do they relate? Let’s find out in another Tired Blogger deep dive, this time, into the Fake News of our time. I intend to make this a three part piece. In the first one I will discuss Tucker Carlson. In the second, Don Lemon. And in the third, I intend to end with the story of CNN trying to do a hatchet job on the musical artist Ren.

Fox is Losing Tucker Carlson? Why Am I Thinking Falcons Trading Brett Favre? That is Weird, Since I Don’t Watch Football

Ok, ok, I had to look it up, but according to various sites, including sporster.com, the Falcons trading Favre is widely considered the worst quarterback trade of all time. “Throwing a total of four passes in 1991 for Atlanta, Packers head coach Mike Holmgren nevertheless decided to make a move for him the following year. It turned out to be the catalyst that would re-establish Green Bay as one of the foremost threats in the league. Favre would prove his dominance almost immediately, upon earning the starting job in 1992, and wouldn’t let up for almost 20 years to come.

“Without a doubt, the Falcons were sitting on a gold mine with the former 2nd-round pick. Unfortunately for them, they just didn’t know it.”

I used to be addicted to conservative talk radio. Rush Limbaugh, Neal Bortz, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Peter Doyle were my standard fair for information and news while I was driving between accounts on my sales route. One by one I lost respect for them all, except for Doyle, who I profoundly loved to the day he died. I still count myself as a conservative Republican, but Tucker Carlson was frankly, the only one I was still willing to listen to after the whole January 6 debacle.

RIP Jerry Doyle. Likely you are the least known of the names I’ve thrown out, but your performance on B-5, your feisty but still classy analysis of life on your radio program, and your willingness to stick to your principles and not sell out, make you the biggest of all those people in my heart. I hope we get to talk on the Zocallo in the sky.

Let’s dig in.




For whatever reason I can’t find an actual image of Russel Brand on the Tucker Carlson show, but that, to me, was the best thing ever produced by Fox News. Well, let’s see what happened.

Yahoo News reports: “Tucker Carlson’s six-year run as the host of his own primetime show at Fox News is over, the network announced Monday, ending a chapter made more tenuous by former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.

“While the exact reason for the split between Fox News and its highest-rated host remains unclear, a lawsuit against the network stemming from Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation case appears to have been a central factor.”

Yahoo News paints a picture of texts that Fox News wanted to distance themselves from as central to Tucker leaving Fox News.

“Following the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, Carlson took aim at Trump himself.

“We are very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights,” he wrote in one exchange. “I truly can’t wait.”

“I hate him passionately,” Carlson added.

“His text messages, along with those of Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, were used as evidence in the Dominion suit to show that the network was knowingly spreading false information.”

My ex girlfriend couldn’t stand the guy. Honestly, I found myself disagreeing with him a lot, I often felt he was doing less reporting and more pontificating. But there were also times when he seemed to be the only honest voice on television.

Hopefully everyone remembers, whichever side of the debate you stand on, the statements that Dominion programmed their machines to hand Joe Biden an illegal, stolen election. I’ve come down on Biden’s side of that debate, but I still believe that the debate should not merely be silenced. I don’t think either side should be told to shut up and be seen and not heard. Granted, I wish there were more actual verifiable evidence on either side of the debate. I’ve had to rely on my own very flawed reason to come up with my own beliefs about it. I’ll leave that commentary here:


Dominion sued Fox News for the claims made by various people about the election being rigged. Fox settled out of court, and the bribe…er, settlement was pretty enormous. $787 million. It is believed that Carlson leaving Fox is related to this.

Yahoo News continues: “On March 21, 2023, Carlson was interviewed on WABC radio about the text messages he had sent about Trump and the bogus claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“Oh, let’s see. I spent four years defending his policies and I, I’m going to defend them again tonight,” Carlson said. “And actually, and I’m pretty straightforward, I’m, um, I love Trump. Like, as a person, I think Trump is funny and insightful.”

“The same day Carlson was interviewed, one of his former producers, Abby Grossberg, filed two lawsuits against Fox News, alleging that the network had coached and pressured her prior to her testimony in the Dominion lawsuit and that Carlson’s show promoted an culture of sexism and antisemitism.”

The article doesn’t deal with that. Instead they trash his last interview with Trump, and then report on his last episode.

“What a great way to the end the week,” Carlson said on Friday, April 21, of what would turn out to be his final show. Earlier in the program, Carlson, who never did get around to mentioning the Dominion settlement, instead focused on subjects like Hunter Biden and his laptop, the fentanyl crisis, immigration and the Pentagon leak of U.S. intelligence findings. He also railed against law enforcement officials in Nashville for not making public a manifesto left behind by a mass shooter.

“Carlson rounded out the program by eating pizza with with a Pennsylvania delivery driver who had aided police in the arrest of a man suspected of stealing a car.

“That’s it for us for the week, we’ll be back. … We’ll be back on Monday — in the meantime have the best weekend with the ones you love. See you then!”

Doesn’t sound like he knew it was his last episode. Is it possible we are viewing a hatchet job of the military/industrial complex? Comments welcome.

Losing Tucker is the End of Fox News

Rolling Stone declares this the end of Fox News. Let’s see if they are on point.

“The sudden ouster of Tucker Carlson from his primetime perch at Fox News is drawing a flood of concern and complaint from MAGA world and other conservative voices, both mainstream and extreme.

“Former president Donald Trump said he was “shocked” and that Carlson was “a very good person, a very good man and very talented” in reaction to Monday’s news. He added, “I don’t know if it was voluntary or was it somebody fired, but I think Tucker has been terrific. Especially over the last year or so he’s terrific to me.” Trump’s well wishes were surprising given that the former Fox host was caught making a slew of derogatory statements against the former president, including calling him a “demonic force” in private messages.”

Conservatives all over the spectrum had things to say, mostly in praise of Tucker.

“Trump’s spokesperson met the news on Twitter with a semi-conspiratorial take that Fox News is now a beholden part of the establishment. “Fox News is controlled opposition,” she wrote. “What is happening at Fox?” added Eric Trump, noting that the network has also recently dropped his wife Lara and right-wing commentator Dan Bongino. Donald Trump Jr. told Charlie Kirk that Carlson no longer being on the network “changes things permanently,” as he was “an actual thought-leader in conservatism.”

“It’s mind-blowing,” Don Jr. added, describing Carlson as “a once-in-a-generation-type talent.”

The New Rush Limbaugh? Axe Him.

Whoever made the decision, Fox has either made an expensive mistake, or they believe they will come out ahead some how. Comments welcome.

BBC gives more detail.

“In a statement, Fox News said it and Carlson had agreed to “part ways”.

“His last TV programme was Friday 21 April, the statement added. His primetime slot will now be hosted by a series of interim hosts until a permanent replacement is found.

The brief two-paragraph statement gave no reason for the abrupt decision.”

“Fox News’ competitors were quick to capitalise on Carlson’s departure.

“One rival network, Newsmax, said it had successfully attracted viewers from Fox News in recent months and Carlson’s departure “will only fuel that trend”.

“The announcement of Carlson’s departure comes just days after Fox News settled a defamation lawsuit from the voting machine company Dominion over its coverage of the 2020 presidential election.

“In the lawsuit, Dominion argued that its business was harmed by Fox spreading false claims its machines were rigged against Mr Trump.

“The case prompted disclosures of text messages that showed Carlson’s private views often contrasted with his on-air output.”

For my money, the best thing Fox News ever did. Likely few will watch this, but if you do, you will see both these men in a totally different light. This is what we REALLY need in the West. Honest, respectful dialogue between two people who disagree about many issues, but agree at heart about the most important things.

BBC continues: “On air on Monday morning, a Fox News anchor announced the departure with a tribute that thanked Carlson “for his service to the network”.

“Stepping in for the primetime slot that night, guest host Brian Kilmeade briefly remarked on his colleague’s departure.

“He told viewers: “As you probably have heard, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. I wish Tucker the best. I’m great friends with Tucker and always will be.”

I gotta say, my respect for Kilmeade went up. He handled the issue with class, and while it is still all vague, aren’t MOST things involving big corporations vague?

So what do you think? Did he get too close to the truth? Did our lizard overlords overcome Tucker at last? Was he fired or did he quit? Do you think this is good or bad for Fox? For Tucker? For the American Republic? Did you love him or hate him? Comment welcome.

Next Time on Your Tired Blogger What Blogs at Midnight

BBC ends their article with the same words I will end this one with, to tease my next post: “Another cable TV host, CNN’s Don Lemon, announced on Monday that he had been “terminated” by CNN after 17 years, just hours after appearing on its recently re-launched morning show.

“The embattled host had come under intense public criticism earlier this year for remarks about Nikki Haley, running for the Republican presidential nomination.”

The second part of my favorite interview ever on Fox News
Megyn Kelly, who was my favorite Fox News reporter before she left Fox, tells us what she thinks.


  1. Xman says:

    A couple of different insights:
    Fox has fired Bill O’Reilly, then Glen Beck, now Tucker Carlson. NONE of them were fired for their viewpoints or opinions. Instead, each of them were fired after the public found out what an HR NIGHTMARE their shows were behind the scenes. Fox was AND IS AFRAID of being held responsible for either the harassment lawsuit(s) and/or the libel lawsuit from the smaller voting company from California (pardon me for not looking it up) that filed against Carlson individually.

    THUS, Fox hasn’t learned a danged thing about content. Carlson was just a “modern shock jock” like Howard Stern only instead of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, Carlson drove ratings by shocking people with fringe conspiracy policies, white supremacy rhetoric, and quite frankly, racist rants. AND by bringing these dark corner ideas to the ears of millions of viewers on a talk show that AT FIRST had validity, he gave these wacko ideas credibility.

    Tucker Carlson has now been fired from PBS, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Look at that range. He was fired from each of those NOT for being some type of lone candle in the wind. Bah — his off camera truths vs his on camera butt-kissing of the man prove that Carlson has no backbone. He wasn’t fired for being bold. But rather, he simply broke Rule #1: Don’t be a dick.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Within next year or so, fox News will declare bankruptcy citing, unprecedented financial losses, or some nonsense-

    Consolidation of corporate media will be complete and will ensure full 1984 compliance

    Hey. Hope I’m wrong

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Curtiswselby says:

      Me too, but I suspect you are right. I honestly don’t like Fox News, but neither do I like CNN, or MSNBC

      Liked by 1 person

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