Turkey Election…no, not the current trending topic, the election of Ryan Walters

Oh no! Click bait! Yes, Turkey has a trending election. The CNN caption reads “Erdogan supporters wave flags outside the Justice and Development (AK) Party headquarters in Ankara, Turkey, after the president performed better in the first round than pre-election polls suggested.” Please feel free to look it up, as foreign affairs matter more than you might think. In the meanwhile, I will share more about Oklahoma tool bag Ryan Walters. For more about Turkey: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/world/with-turkey-s-presidential-election-going-to-a-runoff-what-comes-next/ar-AA1bd21V

Out in the wilderness I will be king Sit on my throne I’m the Lord of the Rings.

A friend of mine listened to my latest podcast and had a constructive criticism. They loved what I’d done, but they felt that I was talking too much to insiders. Like only the informed need apply. I could likely respond with snark, but I’m going to take all the PMA books at their word, and instead of being defensive or crappy toward my friend, let’s see if we can rectify this, or if not, can I make the post better? As I usually do, I will leave a link to my previous post, and to some relevant posts for the topic at hand. I will start off with why Walters was unfit for the post he holds, the election dynamics that led us to voting for him, and some of his past sins that I hope will open people’s eyes.

Let’s dig in.

This may sound like a tangent, but it isn’t. How would YOU build an army worthy of Mordor? Comments welcome. If you don’t get it, it means you haven’t been reading. But please comment anyway. Maybe I can learn how to communicate the message in a way that will get across….








Strange Times We’re Living in

You don’t believe the times are crazy? You don’t believe the almighty dollar is our lord and savior? You’ve never worked a Black Friday. I’ve been lucky, unlike this Black Friday, nobody died while I was working one. I DID have to drive someone to the hospital once. The very same emotions driving this frenzy are causing us to vote VERY badly. Read it and weep friends.

So, if you have noticed, I’m basically quoting myself on this one. I’m going to share nothing I haven’t shared before. But for the new folks out there, likely it will be a good idea to revisit the things we have learned in the past.

To begin with…the news lavished great praise on Walters. Please watch the YouTube post of the channel 6 piece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZB-aRP_zXI As channel six gushes about how wonderful he is, they show him as a profound teacher of history. He is a lover of teaching and learning (according to our intrepid reporters who dug so deep into the story). He loves it so much that he even keeps teaching while performing the duties of a newly appointed (not elected) education secretary. “I absolutely love teaching.” He started teaching in 2011. At the time of the propa…I mean news piece; Walters was a wizened old 35-year-old. We see him teaching with vigor, shaking hands in his mandated mask with his mentor.

Every success needs a mentor.

According to Ryan’s mentor, “He was always pushing the boundaries. Always looking for a way to do things differently, a way to do things better.” Hm. I think I was given that EXACT same criticism in my last writeup in a previous company. But I digress.

At first, I thought they were describing Captain Kirk, but then I realized Kirk would have a profoundly different reaction to all this hype….

He was a state teacher of the year finalist (more on that in another post). In 2019 “the state chamber hired him to run a nonprofit.” More on that later. Within a year, Stitt appointed him the youngest ever Education Secretary.

A perky young reporter bubbles with how SERIOUSLY Walters took his appointment, and gushes with the news that he refused to take the position unless he was allowed to teach at the same time. Not only that, but he taught history at TWO schools, all while juggling this nonprofit and being Education Secretary. Guy must be guzzling red bulls like crazy. They should be his sponsor. “Red Bull, it gives Walters wings”! I can see his face on billboards nationwide.

I know I said in a previous post I was never going to commit suicide…but the thought has suddenly become more attractive.

How about this channel 6….see, there used to be something called investigative reporting. Did it ever cross your bubble headed minds that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for someone to do all of that stuff without some serious delegation? Who did he delegate to? What tasks did he delegate? Where was he at whenever there was a conflict in scheduling between these four full time jobs (don’t EVEN bullshit me that that never happened. I’ve done my share of TWO full time jobs, and even just two, you sometimes have to rob Peter to pay Paul). Lastly of all, why in Sam Hill would you do this? Don’t try to bullshit me with “I just love teaching.” I love D&D but I would drop dead if I tried to do 160 hours of D&D every week. Yeah, I can do math, four full time jobs comes up to 160 hours. Where did he come up with that amount of time? And to what extent do they think we are so stupid and gullible we believe this steaming pile of crap that passes for journalism? Jesus wept!

The purpose of journalism is to reveal the truth to the reader so we can make informed decisions. The purpose of history is so that we don’t keep making the same mistakes as we have in the past. No, Walters is not Hitler, but this IS the road history points to if we DON’T take responsibility for our lives. “I don’t have time to do the research.” “I just trust my tv news to tell me the truth.” “I don’t WANT to read all that depressing stuff.” How many of these skulls once were clad with lips that uttered these same words.

Curtis! You’ve Only Scratched the Surface!

And I know that is true. I don’t want to shortchange my audience, but I have an apartment to clean and laundry to do, before I go to bed early so that I can do my job tomorrow. In the next post, I will pick up the thread of sharing the “Who, what, when, where, and to what extent” so new readers (and listeners if you are catching this on the podcast) can understand the details and contexts of why it is really foolish for Walters to call teachers terrorists. Stay tuned for more Tired Blogging (how DOES Ryan Walters stay so energetic if he does four full time jobs)?

Please watch it. This nails it maybe even better than I am.


  1. I remember when Erdogan got in, it was like Biden getting in – if you were against him, they ended you…either by outright murder or by simply ensuring you would have issues

    Wish dems in this country would pay attention, but, that requires being self aware

    Besides repukes here are almost as bad these days

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    1. An aside, voting is a fools errand – you are literally asking for a boot on your neck…who cares if it is the one you agree with today…

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      1. Curtiswselby says:

        Thoreau felt the vote was basically worthless. When I first read him I was so upset. “Isn’t it everyone’s duty to vote”? Now….more and more, as much as I hate to say it…I am scared you may be right. And I DO think you are many times the teacher Walters is/was

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      2. Thoreau sadly was right in many areas.

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    2. Curtiswselby says:

      Same you are not wrong

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